Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Zen of Floorwashing

Did you read that title twice? Not something you expect to see, is it? But it's true, and I'm as surprised as you are about it.

I enjoy washing my floors.

There, I said it. I enjoy washing my floors. I find it so peaceful in fact, that I look forward to it and feel like I'm missing something if I don't get a chance to do it on my days off.

I was never a big fan of floorwashing but having pets, it is something very necessary. This was a task that often fell to my spouse who did it, adequately, but not always the way I would have. And you know how that goes.

I think that the key to this turnaround for me has been finding the right tools. After many years of trying different products, mops & buckets I've finally found the right combination. Here's mine:

Mrs. Meyers All Purpose Cleaner works great, but best of all leaves the house smelling so nice no matter what scent I choose.

The Libman wonder mop is really, really easy on my back and does a good job cleaning most spills and kitty 'accidents'. Yes, I know they're not accidents, that's why I put it that way. ;) The mop head is sponge strips not strings. It slides across the floor like a dream, gets good coverage, does not leave behind puddles and dries out completely in just a short time after use.

The last ingredient in this happy recipe is what I think is a Rubbermaid brand bucket. It has a wringer insert that works perfectly with the Libman so I don't have to bend to use the self-wringer on the mop pole. Can you ask for more than that?

What tools do you have that make once-dreaded chores easier?

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