Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My Most Cringe-Worthy Sewing Moment

As a method of entry into another blogger's giveaway the question was asked "What is your most cringe-worthy sewing moment?" I smiled while writing my response and decided to share it here with you.

But first I have to mention that I love the blog's title - I
AM CREATING THE LIFE I LOVE. It is definitely what I try to do every day. I hope you do too. We can't depend on others to make us happy. Make yourself happy and share the joy with those you meet.

Now on to my sewing cringe -

My most cringe worthy moment has to do with one of my favorite things to sew - curtains. I really enjoy the long pieces of fabric and the straight seams, but not too long ago I decided it would be less expensive to purchase ready-made curtains from IKEA than to buy the yardage, so that was what I did. IKEA curtains are very long and not pre-hemmed, although they do come with hem tape which I do not use.

I get really frustrated with bathrooms as it seems you can't really buy matching window and shower curtains anymore and IKEA's long curtains work for a shower curtain rod so it seemed to be a good solution...until I tried to work with them. The fabric was so slippery it was an aggravation just to do this simple hemming. When I finally finished, wiped the sweat of frustration from my brow and hung them, I noticed that I'd hemmed one of the shower curtains backwards. But I guess I can't have been too ashamed since it hangs there to this day, several years later. No one notices until I point it out because of the way they're tied back and I have no desire to wrestle with that fabric again.


  1. Oh my goodness! That sounds exactly like something I would do! I have hated hemming ever since I started sewing--once when I was in high school, I sewed myself the cutest shorts, but I never hemmed them. Oh, but I wore them, unhemmed and everything!
    Thanks for stopping by my little blog and entering the giveaway.

  2. Amy, I would have worn them too! Around here my husband is the official hemmer with one exception - formalwear. Thanks for visiting.

  3. Cute story. :-)
    Just wanted to stop by and say "thanks" for visiting my blog on Giveaway Day last month.
    Take care.