Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mending, Even the Quick-and-Not-So-Perfect Kind, is In These Days.

When I started this job two years ago I was issued a wool overcoat. It is decently well made, but it gets worn in the car on long commutes, has the quilting zipped in and out of it, gets thrown in and pulled out of lockers, closets, on and off coat hooks and chair backs. You get the picture. It is mistreated. Well, mostly the liner is, because when I'm tossing it here and there I do fold it inside out to protect the outside. It is lined with typical flimsy acetate which isn't meant to be, for instance, snagged on coat hooks. So naturally it is torn in a few places. Today I decided to spend five minutes less-than-neatly fixing the liner by trimming off the threads and giving it a quick fix on my serger.

Let me explain two things - first, this coat costs $150 to replace and we only get a $200 allowance toward clothing each year. I refuse to spend the bulk of it on an unattractive coat that only marginally keeps me protected from the elements. Second, you'll rarely see me hand sewing and this is because it hurts to do so. Rather than spend all my day off in pain I chose the easy way out and did a quick and dirty serging rather than a nice, neat and proper job. Perhaps someday I'll be motivated to do it right, but for now I just wanted to stop further damage and save $150.

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