Thursday, May 7, 2009

Share What You Have With Those Who Need.

I have long understood the value of giving. Each person will know in what manner they can best give: time, money, skills, goods, legacy, what have you.

The group that has been my favorite for a good six or seven years now is Online Angels, a 501(c)3 charity. Please take a moment to look around the site and consider getting involved. There are many ways to help OA, whether it be by purchasing a raffle ticket, sending in school supplies, crocheting a love-ghan. You donate it and Mary, Royce and family will get it to the person who needs it plus you'll get a tax deduction for it! I donate all sorts of things, from auction items, to school supplies, to a box of new clothing and toys for a specific child at Christmas. That's the thing about OA, with very few exceptions, everything given to recipients is new, with much of it being lovingly handmade by a good soul with a prayer in their heart. Of course you don't have to be religious to give to OA, but you might find yourself feeling spiritually fulfilled by doing so!

This cute little hat was made on the pictured blue Knifty Knitter loom with yarn donated to me by another volunteer who couldn't use it. You can get Knifty Knitters at most any crafting store these days. The pink and brown is very stylish right now and it took me but about ten minutes to make the 18 rows necessary for this preemie sized cap. The tool is from Craftsman, sold in a 4 pack of different shapes for about $5 in the tool department at Sears. Basic loom knitting such as this is easy and almost meditative. If you'd like to learn a little more about it, check out the Livejournal community Loom Knitters or help out OA by going to GoodSearch, selecting Online-Angels of Pottsville, PA as the charity you'd like your searches to be credited to and using their Yahoo powered search engine to learn more about loom or board knitting.

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