Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Do You Commute? How do you pass the time in the car?

I've been commuting to a job I adore for a few years now. I don't mind it too much, the job is worth it. But as you read last week my satellite radio gave up the ghost and I chose not to replace it. How do I pass the time in the car now? With something I used to do often before I got the satellite in the first place - books on CD.

You're thinking this is an expensive habit. And you're right, if one were to purchase these books it would be a very expensive habit. I don't purchase books on CD, I get them a few ways. First, my old standby, the library and interlibrary loan. Second most often is through Paperbackswap. Occasionally I'll find one on the share table in the vestibule of the library where folks leave their discards for fellow patrons.

It makes the time pass so much more quickly. What do you do to pass time in the car?

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