Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Waste Not Want Not Wednesday: Three

I was in need of a brown shrug to wear to work. Not wanting to purchase something new if I didn't have to I went to Salvation Army in search of a nice brown wool sweater. I could chop it up into a shrug and have the remainder left for another project.

Sadly, the wool sweater collection was thin and I didn't find what I needed. But I did find a few nice pieces that will enhance the business casual wardrobe I need to grow a bit more for my work. A gorgeous brown sweater of unknown fiber originally from H&M. The content tag was missing and it did not feel like 100% wool to me so I didn't dare cut it up and risk ruining it. But it looks nice on me and will definitely be good for wearing to work.

A very new looking long sleeve Hanna Andersson cotton top in brown with blue trim around the neck. Nice and warm for the fall. Hanna stuff is so well constructed and durable.

A white and gold Liz Claiborne blouse that converts to 3/4 sleeves would have made an acceptable jacket to go over this sleeveless dress for work but I really want a shrug. I bought the blouse anyway, it was also like new and will go with my brown skirt.

The best find was a Calvin Klein blazer that fit me perfectly. The color is a deep maroon with brownish tints to it. This was in need of cleaning but structurally perfect. I debated a little because it would need an initial dry cleaning and I am normally against the process, but I ended up taking it. The price was right, I really need a blazer, it fit well and even with the cost of the cleaning it will still be a steal. Now let's hope for a few nice days in a row so I can hang it outside to air out once I pick it up from the cleaner.

Thank you to the folks who donated these instead of adding them to the trash heap!

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