Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Waste Not Want Not Wednesday: Shoe Bags From Pant Legs

These were the legs of my daughter's old capri pants. The rest had been made into a purse long ago.

First, I cut them to a size suitable for my many pairs of work shoes.

I am on my feet all day long and change my shoes during the day - it's good for my feet to do so. That means I have three pairs of shoes on hand at work plus whatever sneakers or boots I wore while commuting.

I don't want them getting beat up so I'd been meaning to make some bags for a while. When I was going through my stash for bag fabrics I came across these and knew they would not only work but look cute hanging on a hook as well.

The scraps I cut to make them the right length became booties you can see in last Thursday's post. So for one cut and two seams I've got the two pairs of shoes not on my feet set up with pretty little bags to protect them.

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