Thursday, February 11, 2010

Hats Made While Waiting for Word From the Surgical Team

I made these hats while at the hospital with Dad. He is home and doing well.

These thirteen baby hats will be donated to Online Angels. There was another of the pink with little yellow accent tags but I gave that to my sister-in-law to give to her daughter who just found out she is expecting a baby girl.

The two multi colored adult hats will also go to Online Angels. The brown ones are for my bald spouse who works in a cold environment and finds that nothing keeps a bald head warm like alpaca and alpaca/wool blends. There was a third brown hat but it was put into use before I got the chance to take this photo.

The pink & multi-colored yarns were from OA auctions. The rainbow is a little ball I had left of a favorite yarn of mine. The brown alpaca was purchased for this specific purpose as baby it is cold outside. ;) The black chenille is more salvage yarn from the hat I made for Mom that had a thread snap and I could not repair it. The red sparkly is a little ball I had left from making myself Valentine's Day leg and wrist warmers in 2007. The little yellow tags on a thin string was bought out of the Target dollar bins on impulse and has sat around for years because I had no clue what to do with it. Glad I finally found a use and it is not sitting here mocking me any more.

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