Friday, April 9, 2010

Blogger Help Please?

Two questions:

First, I have a couple of folks who are following me. I'd like to find your blogs and reciprocate but I don't normally read through Blogger (I use Thunderbird) so I'm not sure how to find you. Clicking on your little photo doesn't bring me to your blog. :( If you wouldn't mind me having a look would you drop me a link to it please? Or if anyone out there wants to give me general instructions on this subject when it comes to Blogger I'd truly appreciate it.

And second, since Blogger's recent 'upgrade' I don't seem to be able to compose a post, date it for the future and have it show up as scheduled. It just posts, as you can see by the time/date on this. How can I get back to successfully scheduling future posts? This is really important to me and I am puzzled.

1 comment:

  1. Crunchy Sews,

    I believe all you have to do to follow your followers blogs is to 1) click on their photo and then 2) click on their name. I tried it and it took me to their profile which then shows you a link to their website or blog. I hope this helps! Good luck!