Thursday, April 28, 2011

Receipt Swap

No, that's not a typo for recipe. With all my dietary restrictions, recipe swaps are of no interest. However, what could be more cool for an ephemera junkie like me than someone else's papers? You were to send your partner a minimum of 3 receipts to use for crafting purposes or just for fun. The latter is my case.

I find a lot of receipts at my work from all over the place. I get a kick out of reading where they're from, what time the person who dropped it was there, etc. so it was really a blast for me to participate in this swap. How cool it was to see one from a library book sale! You can see the envelope it came in was recycled, which really tickled my fancy as well.

I hope the host does it again, I will definitely sign up!


  1. I like the idea of this swap, because it really puts things into perspective: how much you're spending, what others are spending and how that translates into revenue, waste, etc. I'm not a huge ephemera person, but it's a love exercise in conservation!

    ItschyKitschy on Swap-Bot

  2. What an interesting swap - I will have to keep a look out for one of those :) I too am loving Swap Bot - it is so exciting getting mail from all over the world :) :)

    (luciejwill - Swap Bot Blog Swap)