Thursday, August 12, 2010

Tidy Thursday: Front Closet

Today I went through everything in the front closet. I found a sweater I forgot I had! I thinned the contents by three - an XL very warm faux sheepskin lined collared sweater, a fleece collared zip up jacket, also an XL and a zip up juniors S black windbreaker. All went into my box for Online Angels. I debated making a skirt out of a sweatshirt that was in there but I decided to leave the sweatshirt intact for now. Hubby might still wear it. Next time I come across it hanging there without having gone through the laundry (if it had I'd know he'd worn it) it will become a nice, soft, and easy to make skirt for lounging on the deck in.

I also put the carpet cleaner where it belongs - in the closet against the wall - and hung the various jackets that were on the hooks properly on hangers.

Did you do a little something today to brighten your surroundings? What was it? I need ideas for my next burst of straightening up.

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