Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Waste Not Want Not Wednesday: Pantyhose/Tights Crafts

My work requires me to wear black hose or tights. I prefer the tights and as a result have quite a few no-longer wearable pairs collected. I can't just toss them. Beyond the $5-$7/pair cost, I just can't see throwing them in the trash. There must be good craft-supply uses for them.

Some things I've done with worn out tights so far -

Ties for holding up tomato plants
Tube bra (from the panty portion, not the legs LOL)
If only the feet were worn out, cut them off and wear as footless tights
Stuffing for soft toys and pillows
Store onions by placing them inside, tying a knot between each one and hanging up. When you want to use an onion just untie or cut off a section to release it
Cover the end of the vacuum hose and run over the rug when looking for a lost item such as an earring back. It will be lifted off the rug, but not sucked up into the machine

I've got an idea for a quilt. Take two squares, fold them over on the diagonal and sew together on the fold. Stuff each of the resulting triangles with tights and sew closed. These should be nice, weighty squares and make a warm quilt when sewn up, don't you think?

But I'd really love some crafty ideas, maybe a pin cushion or some sort? Or a children's toy of some kind? This faked potato looks like a fun toy! I wish a faked eggplant (since all my tights are black) could be just as much fun, but who eats eggplant in the skin with the insides mashed up and butter on top?

I would love for some folks to share their ideas on this with me!


  1. Not long ago I saw a blog post (not sure where) where a pair of textured tights had been used to cover a lamp shade. It was pretty cool looking...I'll see if I can find the blog and let you know.

    Thick tights can definitely be used for doll pieces parts...or other soft toys.


  2. I hunted down that link I told you about...even if you don't want to make one, it's worth checking out. So is the blog.

  3. Thanks so much for the link! I actually to have a shade I need to make black. I've now found the use for at least one pair of those tights.

  4. i need Black Tights..must be Opaque and at least 60 denier or more..will be cut up and shredded , so holes/ladders dont matter..thanks

  5. I'm sorry, Anonymous, I have no idea what denier these are.