Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Waste Not Want Not Wednesday: Library Bag

This was a really cute polyster blend shirt that my daughter didn't find comfortable.  Apparently I was supposed to know that by her throwing it back in the laundry after I had already washed it that I was supposed to put it in the donation bag.  So after getting snapped at for re-washing it and putting it back in her laundry pile I decided I was going to play a little trick on her. 

I loved the print and the two little pockets near the hem and thought it would make a cute grocery bag.  I pinked off the sleeves and was going to sew it up into the bag and put it back in her laundry pile, then when she snapped at me I was going to reveal that it was now a bag.  The plan failed, however, when she walked in as I was sewing it up.  Kids.  They tend to do that to you.

Once I had it in the bag rotation I realized I really prefer my grocery bags to be cotton and this is not.  It is a great bag, though!  It is my favorite bag for library books and mail and is so often found on the passenger seat of my car filled with goodies coming from or going to the Post Office and Library. 

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