Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wondering on Wednesday: Thyroid Scan

So, I had my yearly thyroid scan to check on the numerous cysts I have had for years.  They caused me no problems, but the doctor watched them for growth.  Today after the scan the Radiologist called me in and showed me the prior year's scan next to this year's.  There was a big surprise.

Every one of the cysts has disappeared.  At first I thought it was some of the yoga I've been doing, but one of my children pointed out what I believe is the real explanation.  I gave up my 20 year diet Coke habit in February and drink only water with a lemon slice or herbal tea if I'm looking for something warm.

Wow, is about all I can manage to say.  Thank you, God.


  1. I had to give up soda, coffee and most tea (and a whole host of acidic foods) after developing intercystial cystitus (chronic pain in the bladder). I miss coffee! But, I don't miss soda at all. It's just so bad for you! Too bad I needed a very painful reason to be able to kick the habbit. Oh, and with diet modification, my bladder generally feels much better!

  2. Soda was the only vice I had left - I was never a coffee drinker, only a seasonal tea drinker, and have given up just about every 'bad for you but delicious' other thing to improve my health so it was hard to let go, but boy are you right about how bad it is for your body. When I figured out how to eat after the celiac diagnosis (2001) I became very grateful that if I had to have some kind of medical condition it was one that could be 'cured' simply by not eating something. I'm glad your bladder condition was responsive to the diet modification and I can totally relate to your missing coffee. Some days I really would like to have a nice, cold diet Coke.

    Continued good health to you!