Thursday, June 30, 2011

Get Out and Exercise! Golf Balls For Shipping Only

For most of us, getting enough exercise can be a challenge.  This time of year (in my region) we're all trying to get outside more while the good weather is here.  Although I don't play, I do know folks who do and say golf (without a cart or caddy of course) is good exercise.  Plus you're out in the sun getting your Vitamin D too!

I caught a commercial on the Science Channel for a free sleeve of three Polara golf balls for the price of shipping.  Since I don't normally buy balls I don't know what they go for, but I put the free golf balls in my cart and without entering any address information it came up as $5.95 shipping.  So depending on the regular price of golf balls, this may or may not be a deal. 

Folks, give me some feedback - what do golf balls cost?  Is this 'free' offer worth the cost of shipping?

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