Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Play-n-Squeak Ball of Furry Fury

Our cats recieved the Ball of Furry Fury, pictured here, second item down.  It looked like such a fun toy for them.  I was disappointed to see that it is made in China.  I almost didn't give it to them because of that - we lost two cats to the Melamine in cat food horror - but it looked so fun I finally did.

The tone of the squeak can get to you if you have a headache.  The cats were initially enthralled, however that lasted all of about half an hour, then it became just another of the moutain of toys they occasionally look at but mostly ignore.

Most disappointing about this toy is that the squeaker worked for less than a week.  $9.99 is way too expensive for something that short-lived.  I say save your money, sew up a little scrap of fabric into a ball, stuff it with catnip and watch the cats have a great time.  Cheaper and you'll be recycling fabric.

UPDATE: I emailed the company regarding how fast the squeaker burned out.  They advised me to return to the store and exchange it, which I did.  This toy's squeaker seems less sensitive, so I imagine it will last longer, but the cats don't seem interested in it at all.  I appreciate the company wanting my cats to be sastified with their gift, so I give them an A+ on customer service, but I give the toy a D. 

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