Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Ultimate Year of Happy Mail #95

Since there is no link, here is an excerpt from the instructions:

#95 Instructions-please send your partner one set of instructions. They could be for:

a game
assembling something
any kind of instructions
Sender's choice

These swaps are intended to be sent in a small envelope with a single stamp. When I went on a mission to find instructions I could part with I came across the box from an old Ditto drive in the attic. That led to me noticing and trashing a ton of old boxes we had up there and freeing up a big space in the attic. Now my Christmas tree is no longer blocking the center path. Yay for swapping causing decluttering!

But that box also yielded an envelope with instructions, old promotional stuff from Microsoft, etc. I kept the envelope and the instructions to use for this swap. Since it was already bigger than a regular envelope and would require extra postage anyway, I decided to fill it up. I hope it was a fun surprise for my partner.

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